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Hey guys!

Sorry I have been a little M.I.A on here, I cant wait to show you all what I have been busy doing! I have moved into a new apartment which I have been busier than ever furnishing and turning into a home ( we will save that for a whole other blog post!). I've been shooting while trying to fit in a little bit of travel which leads us to New York.....A trip of a lifetime and a city that stole my heart in 5 days!!

My mom and I flew to New York for a much needed weekeknd away. I have always dreamed about this city and I knew I was in love with it before arriving, but I was still blown away with its magical energy and all it had to offer. I found out things I never knew about myself, passions I never had, and tried food I didn't know could be so heavenly!

I have so much to share about this weekend. but first I am going to start with my must see's when planning your next trip to New York to make it a weekend to remember like mine! And of course where are the best places to eat.. lets be real one of the things new York is all about!

Miss Paradis

47 Prince St, New York, NY 10012

This café is a food affair and coffee lovers dream! It is on my list of must sees! ( this whole block is great ) We came to this café in the morning for breakfast before a long day and loved everything about it. From the décor and staff to the food choices and coffee. My mom and I both had a latte and a yogurt bowl and were very impressed. New York is all about finding the places that not all the tourists visit and find the good places that make you feel like a local. Miss Paradis and the street it is located on did exactly that.

Ferrara Bakery and Café

195 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

This bakery was amazing. Our hotel was located right across the street , so one night as we were walking home from dinner we decided to stop by and take a look at what they had. We wanted to order everything! We decided on 2 baileys cappuccinos , and 2 deserts to share. A lobster tail, which is heaven on earth, and a chocklate cookie cannoli. If you are in New York and you do not stop here you are missing out! Hands down the best deserts I have ever tasted and I am currently watering from the mouth just writing this, that's how good it was!

The Brooklyn Bridge

A classic and must see, The Brooklyn bridge. This is more of a photo opt and a good view than anything but it is breathe taking and a must see while you are visiting the city.

Ludlow Coffee supply

176 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

The coffee shop of all coffee shops! This amazing café is in the trendiest neighbourhood surrounded by nice restaurants and streets of fun. We sipped our delicious lattes made with home made syrup and sat at cute marble tables , so I don't think there is much more you could ask for here! If you are a coffee lover and love searching city's for the best places to sip a coffee, read a book, catch up with your girlfriends or , of course, take lots of pictures like myself then this is your place!

Rockefeller Center

45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York NY 10111

The Top of the rock! This is also a must see while visiting NYC and will also be the most touristy thing you do in NYC! Not only are the views amazing but you can also get some amazing photos while up there. I found it really interesting to see all the places we had explored all weekend from such high views. There are somethings you just need to do while visiting this city and this is one of them! It is wroth the ticket price and a great experience!

I could truthfully go on and on about the places we visited in New York and where I think you should explore but one thing you do need to do is go there! Experience this city in your own way. Eat and drink too much, get lost a few times, and try new things! I can promise you will fall in love like I did.

I cant wait to go over outfits with you guys from this trip and of course New York Fashion week! Please message me if you want any recommendation on other places we visited and let me know if you go to any of these great places on your travels!



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