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Cute & Casual: How to look your best, and be comfy!

I find it hard to find a happy medium between glamming to the fullest for nights out, and wearing my boyfriends sweater and sweatpants on my days off running errands. This month I made it a goal of mine to take casual to the next level and feel the best about myself even when running errands. Don't get me wrong, I love my lulus and Nikes but I needed to find a good in-between so I decided to show you one of my outfits that I found super comfy and felt great in.

I loved this look and even better, I felt great too. I am all about feeling your best and for me feeling my best means also looking my best! For every look I like to keep a balance of tighter fitting clothes to looser fitting clothes . As you can see, I wore a very lose poncho from privilege and paired it with a super comfy pair of black leggings from Dynamite. Wearing a poncho is a glorified blanket and that is a plus in my book. Not only is it super cute and detailed but super comfy too.

Underneath this poncho I wore a super casual medium fit plain t-shirt. This dark grey t-shirt went well and partners with the poncho. I like to play with neutral colors, its definitely my go to! What I love about this poncho is you can really change up how you wear it with each outfit. You can wear it as a sweater or a blanket scarf, open or closed, It is very diverse.

You can never go wrong with wearing a hat , especially in Vancouver. Thinking the rain will ruin your good hair day? Just throw on a hat and still look good for the rest of the day. No rain... you can wear it as an accessory, which is what I did with this outfit. It wasn't the type of look to pair with a lot of jewelry so I kept it simple with this wide brimmed hat from Hunnis . Keeping it in the neutral grey family helps tie everything in together nicely. I love this hat , I have it in about 4 colors, its a perfect fit for my head and my hair sits beautiful underneath it! Sometimes these hats are a hard find , so if anyone is in the market for one, I suggest looking at Hunnis as I know they have them all year round!

These boots are a lot more comfortable and more worn than they look. I got these from Aldo at least 8 years ago ( score! ) and they are still one of my favourites. I love that they have a heel but are still super casual and a bit more rugged of a boot. They are very sliming to the leg as they are a bit longer than a bootie and I can wear these all day running errands and they feel like I am wearing flats. I personally love wearing a bit more of a heel, again it makes me feel a bit chic and adds a bit more detail to my outfits.

My purse was my "pop" of color for this outfit! I chose my over the shoulder side Michael Kors bag in burgundy! It matched perfect with my poncho , with its similar highlights of the color, and this purse brought it out even more. This size of purse is normally a little small for my "to do" days, but this day I was close to home and it was nice to have a purse that weighed less.

For my hair and makeup I kept it super casual, I waved my hair with a Aria 1inch curling iron, breaking each piece up as I went and using a Kevin Murphy texture spray. I used all nude colors for my eyes and lips keeping it bright for my day time look. I used an Aveda tinted moisturizer for my base with a soft mineral powder over top for a soft and glowy look. It is no secret that I love makeup, but I appreciate a softer look as much as a dramatic look.

This was my cute and casual outfit of the day and it made me feel my best while still feeling super comfy. I'm looking forward to sticking to my goal and playing with more in-between outfits. Stay tuned for a lot more outfits ranging from casual and dressy, why I love them and what stores to shop for these pieces! I hope you guys love how I paired this outfit as much as I did.

Hat: Hunnis @shophunnis

T shirt: Privilege @styleforthepriv

Poncho: Privilege @styleforthepriv

Leggings: Dynamite @dynamiteclothing

Boots: Aldo @aldo_shoes

Purse: Micheal Kors

Hair & Makeup: @hairbyamk

Amanda XO

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