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This week we did a big change for a best friend of mine and an even bigger change for her as a blonde! This is exciting for me because it is my first official blog post on hair. I am a hair stylist for Aveda, in Langley at Salon Montage!

Hair is a passion of mine, always has been and always will be and having the chance to do fun changes with friends like this makes me love my job even more.

Sasha came in and we started off with her normal rooted blonde highlight look. She normal comes in every 8-12 weeks for a full root touch up, always ending with a very bright blonde result but always a strong root when she comes in. I have always loved blonde on Sasha and she has played with different tones of blonde and an ombre before in the past so I was very excited to create a change subtle enough for her to still be a blonde but to also be more maintainable for this mom of 2!

This was Sasha's hair before we started her service, her natural darker root about 1.5 inch's long and her ends were becoming a bit brassier than we would have liked as her last pregnancy her hormones really played a role in the tone of her hair. For this appointment we really wanted to focus on 2 things. 1) The color of the blonde! We wanted it to be brighter and cooler than it currently was and 2) Work more with her natural root creating a more natural, different look.

To create this look I knew I was going to do a lot of foils working with the same tone as her root and Aveda's enlightener to brighten her ends. I blended her roots down, and brought the blonde up. Repeating the same pattern on every piece of her hair, each one slightly lower or higher than the last.

The out come was great.

This is the final result ! The roots are very bended, no start or end line which is always the end goal so that when her roots do start to grow in you wont be able to see where they are. They blend down into a brighter blonde now. We lifted out any of her old warmth and toned with a very cool bright blonde! As you can see in the before and after it really is a big change without feeling like your hair is no longer blonde. In 2017 this is suppose to be one of the most trending hair colors! All about that dropped root.

For anyone who loves being blonde, has a darker root but really does not like their root line growing in so harsh this is a great solution for you to still be blonde with a softer grow out.

I am really excited to show you more about my hair career and help with any questions or tips you are looking for. If you are looking for hair inspiration as a stylist or feeling like you are wanting a change yourself you can follow my hair Instagram for daily up dates of styles and colors or check back here for a lot more to come!

Instagram : @hairbyamk

I hope you all enjoyed this bombshells transformation as much as I did!

Amanda XO

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