Fall Must Haves!

November 30, 2016

The best way to start my blog.. Fall fashion must haves! I love living in the city but we have to plan for pretty much any weather when we wakeup so its important to have a few pieces that go with anything! I have chosen a few of my favourites for you guys to see, where I bought them, and how I put them together.


I always keep this 3 things on me at all times, or at least very near... 1) a good scarf 2) my leather jacket and 3) a hat that can make any bad hair good again. I'm wearing a leather jacket from Nostrum Rack, I can pair this jacket with pretty much anything, as you can see I can wear it with a casual top or a dress, heals or boots, scarf or no scarf and that is one of my number one reasons for always having a good leather jacket no matter where or when it will be a cute accessories and can keep you a little bit warmer. I paired this jacket two ways , with a army green sweater top, black pants and nude booties. Aswell as a burgundy dress and black heals.


There is something sexy yet casual about a fall hat. This black hat I am wearing is from Hunnis boutique in Langley. If you haven't yet been to this boutique stop what you are doing and head there now as it is full of treasures! I love this hat and the black makes it easy to pair with any outfit. I am wearing it with a cream white sweater and works well for any day outside, rain or shine.


I pretty much love all scarfs! I choose this cream and burgundy floral scarf because it matched well with my colors I chose but I love having a scarf on me at all times to add a little detail to an outside outfit esspicially with a jacket, and of course for warmth! Blanket scarfs have a time and a place but this classic scarf is a must have this fall.


Cant wait to show you all more looks xo





























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